Your humble blogger will be attending the annual DRI Products Liability seminar early next month in Maryland.

DRI is one of the leading organizations of defense attorneys and in-house counsel. Membership in DRI provides access to resources and tools for attorneys who strive to provide high-quality, balanced and excellent service to their clients and corporations. DRI is host to more than 25 substantive committees whose focus is to develop ongoing and critical dialogue about areas of practice.

This seminar from 4/3-5, will include a variety of panels on all things products, including: Using Technology to Pick the Right Jurors featuring fellow Philadelphia-based lawyer Pat Sweeney;  Navigating the CPSC: Advice from the Trenches on databases, investigations, reporting, and recalls, led my old pal John F. Kuppens; and Crisis Management and Recall Planning:
Complying with Governmental Oversight; and an interesting talk on Ethical Lessons from Lincoln, how the life and writings of “Honest Abe” provide meaningful lessons on professionalism
and ethics for lawyers today.