No substantive post today, as your faithful blogger is out of town for a DRI meeting, wearing another hat as the chair of the Mass Torts and Class Action group of DRI’s Products Liability Committee.

DRI is the international organization of attorneys defending the interests of business and individuals in civil litigation. DRI provides numerous educational and informational resources to DRI members and offers many opportunities for liaison among defense trial lawyers. DRI’s goals include: To teach and educate and to improve the skills of the defense law practitioner;  to strive for improvement in the civil justice system; to be a counterpoint to the plaintiff’s bar and seek balance in the justice system in the minds of potential jurors and on all fields where disputes are resolved; and to assist members in dealing with the economic realities of the defense law practice, including the competitive legal marketplace.

Later this year DRI will hold its annual meeting in Chicago, October 7-11.  This Annual Meeting will celebrate DRI’s 50th anniversary and Lincoln’s 200th birthday.

You can join DRI  here, and register for the annual meeting conference here.