DRI’s product liability committee is holding its annual conference with a focus on “green” issues. This program will highlight emerging issues in product liability law associated with increasing environmental awareness and health concerns. The “green” movement will impact a product liability practice and this seminar presents opportunities to learn to help clients navigate the new terrain. As environmental concerns mount and consumers and companies seek to minimize their impact on the planet, new opportunities and risks arise for product manufacturers. Manufacturers are inventing new products using cutting-edge technologies. Consumers are becoming nervous about the use of traditional chemicals in products, but also question newer approaches. The government is involving itself by threatening to more heavily regulate a variety of areas, including product labeling.

Product Liability Conference
Hilton San Diego Bayfront One Park Blvd. San Diego, CA 92101
4/14/2009 – 4/17/2009


Topics include:
􀁴 Litigation arising from the use of phthalates and nano materials
􀁴 New claims emerging from the use of “green” building materials
􀁴 Preemption in the area of product liability
􀁴 How to meet new sustainability standards
􀁴 What new “green” regulatory standards are being considered in Europe and America
􀁴 New rules enacted by the Consumer Products Safety Commission

(Your faithful blogger is vice-chair of DRI’s Mass Torts & Class Actions SLG)