Those interested in nano-technology issues may want to check out a conference next Spring, entitled NanoImpactNet: For a Healthy Environment in a Future with Nanotechnology.

NanoImpactNet is the European network on the health and environmental impact of  nanomaterials. It is a platform for exchange about research ideas and to bring together scientists, industry, policy makers and consumers to ensure the safe and responsible development of nanomaterials. NanoImpactNet is part of the European Commission’s commitment to define a robust European strategy on nanotechnology which includes health, safety and environmental issues.

Launched in April 2008, this multidisciplinary network’s objective is to create a scientific basis to support the definition of regulatory measures and the implementation of legislation across the EU.  The 24 institutes behind NanoImpactNet members are leading European research groups active in the fields of nanosafety, nanorisk assessment and nanotoxicology. Through numerous workshops over a period of four years, NanoImpactNet will bring together some of the top researchers to discuss future strategies, to exchange their ideas with the different stakeholder groups and to further the responsible development of nanotechnology.

The conference is set for Laussanne, Switzerland, March 23-27, 2009.