The second week of December in New York marks the return of one of the premier products liability litigation events, geared to the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Now in its 13th year, ACI’s DRUG AND MEDICAL DEVICE LITIGATION is a gathering of many of those involved in defense of product liability litigation, with a faculty of in-house and outside counsel (including your faithful blogger) and 8 renowned federal and state jurists.

Readers of MassTortDefense know that in the past year, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of preemption for PMA-approved medical devices, and it is now poised to make a potentially significant decision on preemption for drugs that could change that aspect of the product liability landscape. The liberal Democratic Congressional backlash against preemption has already started, with attempts to legislatively overturn the Reigel decision. In addition, government enforcement agencies and State Attorneys General have stepped-up investigations against drug and device manufacturers, and plaintiffs’ attorneys are taking every opportunity to highlight this fact in civil litigation. So, plenty to talk about.

This year’s conference takes place in the 1903 landmark Hudson Theatre at the Millennium Broadway Hotel. And MassTortDefense is looking forward to the visit the the Big Apple.