MassTortDefense has posted before about the competing Senate and House bills to reform the Consumer Product Safety Commission. See here.

Media reports are suggesting that conferees on Consumer Product Safety legislation might not complete their efforts before Congress recesses June 27th. House Majority Leader Hoyer (D-Md.), had predicted that the compromise CPSC bill would come to the floor in June. But debate, and lobbying, on the bill continue.

As noted before, most of the more contentious issues in the bill were included in the Senate version of the legislation, which was passed in March. Sticky issues include provisions granting state attorneys general the power to pursue purported violations of laws enforced by CPSC; whistleblower protections for employees of manufacturers; and a public database for reports of injuries, illness, death, or risk related to consumer products submitted by consumers, local, state or national government agencies.

If the process is not completed by August, Congress will be in campaign mode and that may scuttle the reform legislation for this year.